1. Hi mamas, I am attending this workshop on Sunday and was hoping to have some mommy friends who’d like to attend. This isn’t a parenting workshop but rather an empowerment workshop. I have done workshops with Thea before and she is amazing! (Amazing as in she needs her own show on the Oprah channel! LOL!) If any of you decide to attend, let me know via e-mail and maybe we can carpool. xoxox!
    High Res

    Hi mamas, I am attending this workshop on Sunday and was hoping to have some mommy friends who’d like to attend. This isn’t a parenting workshop but rather an empowerment workshop. I have done workshops with Thea before and she is amazing! (Amazing as in she needs her own show on the Oprah channel! LOL!) If any of you decide to attend, let me know via e-mail and maybe we can carpool. xoxox!

  2. Hey Miami Mamas! Free theater movement class for kids + teens (8-18) on Sat, Feb 16!
    High Res

    Hey Miami Mamas! Free theater movement class for kids + teens (8-18) on Sat, Feb 16!

  3. My then 22 month old son, Rock, demanding his “musica, musica” the minute I got into the car. His mood quickly goes from temper tantrum to pure elation once the music (or musica in Spanish) …but then mom psychs him out and the tears ensue. Hilarious! 

    He loves his music, especially classical and identifies instruments like violin, piano, saxophone, drums! It’s genetic!

  4. Artist Samantha Thrall Stikes a Chord with Women, Pregnancy and Body Images


    Artist, mother and overall awesome Samantha Thrall's image has recently gone viral striking a chord with many women. The image above depicts Samantha Thrall next to a quote that many of us can relate to.

    It’s important to perceive our stretch beauty marks as they are, battle scars from the most amazing sacrifice a woman’s body can make - scars we need to be grateful for as they represent such a precious moment in time. 

    Many women experience postpartum depression stemming from hormonal changes, feelings of inadequacy and body issues. 

    A negative postpartum body image can contribute to low self-esteem and postpartum depression, as well as a host of other negative emotional and societal effects that aren’t good for mama or her precious baby. It can also cause a mother to diet which could potentially be detrimental to her infant if she is breastfeeding as well as contribute to postpartum depression symptoms from lack of nutrients and calories. Clearly, postpartum body issues is an issue. 

    I cannot count the number of times I have heard fellow moms say, “I have felt so unattractive since I had my baby.” Heck, I’ve been there and struggle with it, too! But we need to reclaim the “mommy body” and celebrate it as an image of strength, warmth, and beauty. Samantha Thrall has captured that spirit in her image.

    The Mother Behind the Postpartum Picture

    She’s a 26 year old stay at home mom to her beautiful 16 month old son Adrian Bleu but also an artist. From photography to painting ukelele’s - it is clear that Samantha Thrall is a creative soul. Learn more about Samatha Thrall’s work here.

    Samantha Thrall is an eclectic artist with experience in set design, stage make-up, painting and photography. I personally LOVE her silhouette work below and plan to do one for my family. (Yes, she is taking orders!)


    Samantha’s image on the Facebook pages of Natural Parent Magazine, Plus Size Mommy Memoirs, Birth Without Fear and where it first appeared, The Guggie Daily have reached over 5,200 shares and 16,000 likes as of September 15, 2012 - in just 5 days, not mention blog posts as well!

    We can easily estimate that this image will continue to reach millions across the internet over time, resonating on the web as a gift from one mother to another.

    Read more about this image from Samantha Thrall herself in her related blog post.

  5. Improving Birth Rally Miami Joins Over 100 U.S. Cities.

    It’s officially LABOR Day and at 10 a.m., Improving Birth National Rally for Change Miami
    will join 106 U.S. cities in a rally for change! This is about moms and babies. It is not about home birth, hospital birth or birth center birth. It isn’t about using only a midwife or an obstetrician. It isn’t about doulas. It isn’t about circumcision, vaccines, or any other topics. It is about mothers and babies getting respectful evidence-based care in whatever setting and through whatever care provider the family chooses. We are rallying to reduce non-medically necessary inductions and c-sections and improve mortality rates. Women and babies should not be dying at the rate that is occurring in the United States. 

    Fact: The U.S. outspends every country in the world for maternity care, and yet we rank #49 for maternal mortality rates. “Women in the U.S. face a greater risk of maternal death than nearly all European countries, as well as Canada and several countries in Asia and the Middle East.” –Amnesty International

    Our sisters deserve better care! If you can’t attend, please spread the word! 

    Invite: http://www.facebook.com/events/364039886998392/
    Read more in the Chicago Tribune!

  6. Three words: Laser Hair Removal. A must for all busy mama’s. And we are ALL busy. 

    Three words: Laser Hair Removal. A must for all busy mama’s. And we are ALL busy. 

  7. 15 Celebrities Who Have Chosen Home Birth

    Home is where the heart is, and where the birth is too these days. According to recent statistics, the home-birth rate increased 20 percent between 2004 and 2008 after a 15-year slide, and the delivery method is appealing to a wide range of women. Credit Ricki Lake (and Abby Epstein) for that. Her Business of Being Born book and documentary have turned a new generation of moms-to-be on to the movement. Check out 15 celeb moms who’ve opted out of the drug-pushing, C-section prone hospital experience to give birth to their lil ones in the comfort of their home.

    Pamela Anderson

    It may surprise her fans, but Pamela Anderson gave birth to both her sons at home, saying, “I gave birth at home both times — natural — with a midwife, in water … with nothing.”

    Demi Moore

    After showing off her growing belly on the cover of Vanity FairDemi Moore gave birth to Rumer at home, and subsequently welcomed Scout and Tallulah in her home as well.

    Meryl Streep

    Meryl Streep doesn’t just call her home a place to store her Oscars; it’s also the place she welcomed one of her daughters. Meryl Streep is said to have had a home birth for at least one of her daughters there.

    Joely Fisher

    Joely Fisher raved about her home birth experience in 2006, saying, “I had this miraculous birth, and the first one (Skylar Grace) was fine, and here she is – she’s almost 6 and gorgeous and smart and funny and loves American Idol. But I decided to have her at home and had a lot of friends around, and of course, her father was there. And of course, the doctor, the doula, the midwife, the butcher, baker, and candlestick maker.”

    Julianne Moore

    Julianne Moore, whose daughter, Liv, was welcomed at home, has contributed to Ricki Lake’s home-birth advocacy mission

    Woody Harrelson

    It comes as little surprise that Woody Harrelson’s wife, Laura Louie, gave birth to their three daughters at home in Maui.

    Jennifer Connelly

    Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany used a birthing pool at home to bring their second child together, Agnes Lark, into the world.

    Cindy Crawford

    Cindy Crawford is one of Hollywood’s most famous home-birthers, welcoming baby Presley in her LA home. “Eager to shield her privacy, Crawford gave birth in the couple’s Brentwood home under the supervision of a midwife and a nurse — and the anxious, joyful gaze of her husband.”

    Mayim Bialik

    Mayim Bialik delivered her second son, Frederick, at home with a doula, her husband, and her older son, Miles, by her side. Of the home birth, Mayim said, “Three pushes later, Frederick slithered out, and Miles was carried out of his high chair to cut the cord. A small spurt of blood startled him, and he promptly asked my husband to finish the job … Miles then sat down on the floor and, minutes later, was handed a bundled-up, wide-eyed baby brother. He clung to that baby for enough minutes that the midwife had to separate them.”

    Gisele Bundchen

    Supermodels are strong! When Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady were ready to welcome baby Benjamin, they headed to the bathtub in their Beacon Hill, Boston, home for the main event. Gisele recalled, “Giving birth was the most intense and life-changing experience of my life. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to deliver at home, surrounded by love and where I felt safe. It was a really great experience. I never felt so vulnerable, but so strong at the same time.”

    Alyson Hannigan

    Alyson Hannigan became a home-birth convert after watching Ricki Lake’s The Business of Being Born. She said, “It wasn’t something I knew I was going to do before I got pregnant, but once I was pregnant, I did more research, and I watched The Business of Being Born, and that sealed the deal. It’s not the right choice for everyone, but it definitely was for me. I never wavered on it. I knew if I needed to go to the hospital I would, but thankfully everything went well, and it was a magnificent experience.”

    Alanis Morissette

    Alanis Morissette gave birth to a baby boy in the privacy of her own home, after telling the media, “Our intention is to do a natural birth at home. But I ‘get’ that the baby has his own intentions. I have an amazing midwife, and I’m using a doula. But we have a backup plan: I’ve called all the doctors, and we’ll be ready if something should happen.”

    Kelly Preston

    Though baby Benjamin was born in a Florida hospital, it is believed that Kelly Preston and John Travolta welcomed Ella Blu in their home at the time.

    Ricki Lake

    After expressing disappointment with the hospital birth of her first son, Milo, Ricki Lake explored the world of home births before welcoming Owen in 2001. Her younger son’s birth is one of the stories told in The Business of Being Born and was the launching pad for the former (and future) talk-show host’s advocacy for midwives.

    Lisa Bonet

    Lisa Bonet was such a fan of the home-birthing experience that she did it twice! First with daughter Zoe and more recently with baby Lola.

  8. Who else has seen “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” and thought IMPOSSIBLE?!

    Who else has seen “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” and thought IMPOSSIBLE?!

  9. 5 Deadly Terms Used By Women. #rookiemommyramblings #funny

    5 Deadly Terms Used By Women. #rookiemommyramblings #funny

  10. President Obama was the opening address of the BlogHer 2012 Conference, his address begins at 2:48. 

    Why is this important? Women’s issues, family, healthcare are all important to us Rookie Mommy’s and in this special address, our Nation’s President speaks out on behalf of all women. Thank you, Mr. President! We may not always agree but I feel proud of all the positive changes towards women’s healthcare and equal pay. 

    Transcript of President Obama’s remarks:

    Thank you Lisa! Thank you guys I want to thank Lisa and Elisa for inviting me to speak today, and Michelle says hi, I want to congratulate all of you on what I hear is your biggest conference yet. 

    Even though I couldn’t be with you in person, I wanted to say thank you. Like every father, I think about the role models that are out there for my daughters. And I worry about what they’ll run into online, honestly. So the fact that Sasha and Malia can go to places like BlogHer and find thousands of women writing about subjects from health, family, and food to politics and career means a lot to me and it means a lot to  Michelle.

    Now, some of you may have heard that there’s an election coming up. And women’s issues are front and center, as they should be. But I think the conversation has been oversimplified a little bit.

    I bet anyone who spends a little time at your conference would realize pretty fast that women are not some monolithic bloc. You’re not an interest group. You make up more than half of our country, and nearly half of our workforce – not to mention 80 percent of my household, if you count my mother-in-law.

    For me, any discussion of the issues women face begins with my own life story and the women in my own life.

    There was my mom, a single mother who put herself through school, and made sure my sister and I earned our educations, too.

    There was my grandmother, who worked her way up from secretary to vice president at her local bank – even though she hit a glass ceiling and watched men she once trained pass her by. 

    Once Michelle and I got married and had our girls, we were giving it our all to balance raising a family and pursuing our careers - and we wished we had a machine that would let us be in two places at once. 

    And of course as a father, the highlight of my day is asking my girls about their days. So when I think about what’s been most important in my life, it’s these amazing relationships with my mother and grandmother, my wife and my daughters. And what drives me when I step into the Oval Office: every decision that I make is making sure all our daughters just like all our sons, are growing up in a country that gives them the chance to be anything they set their minds to, and a country where more doors are open to them than were to the previous generation.

    That’s why the first bill I signed was the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, to help protect your right to equal pay for equal work. Now I want to strengthen those protections.

    That’s why we’ve extended more loans to women-owned businesses, that’s why we’ve cut taxes for small business owners 18 times. I also want to keep small business taxes low in the future.

    That’s why we’ve enacted education reform that has helped more than 2.3 million more young women afford to pursue higher education.  Now I want to make sure even more can afford to go.

    And because of the new health care reform law, Obamacare, I happily accept the term, millions of young women now have coverage through their parents’ plans. Children with pre-existing conditions can’t be denied insurance. Tens of millions of women with private insurance now have access to preventive care like mammograms, and are beginning to gain access to contraception at no additional cost. 

    Pretty soon, insurance companies will no longer be able to deny you coverage because of preexisting conditions like cancer or pregnancy, or charge you higher premiums just for being a woman. So I’m not gonna give any ground to those who would try to deny women their own health care choices.

    Behind every one of these policies is a pretty simple idea: you, women should have control over the decisions that affect your health, your lives, your careers. And if you share that belief, then I think you’ll agree that the choice women face right now in this election could not be bigger.

    On one hand, you have folks who plan to turn back the clock. They promise to take away access to healthcare and contraception. They talk about getting rid of vital services like Planned Parenthood.

    And they’re planning to spend trillions of dollars on new tax cuts weighed toward millionaires and billionaires. Just yesterday, an independent, non-partisan organization ran the numbers, and they found that in order for my opponent to pay for his tax plan, he’d have to cut tax breaks that middle-class families depend on to pay for your home, or your health care, or to send your kids to college.  Which means the average middle-class family with children would be hit with a tax increase of more than $2,000.

    On top of that tax increase, my opponent plans to also gut education, programs that help low-income mothers, and student aid that disproportionately benefits young women. So this overall is what I consider a wrong approach, it’s not how we’re going to grow this economy, it’s not how we’re going to build the middle class. We can’t afford to refight the battles of the past few years, or the past century, for that matter.

    That’s why my plan would move us forward, by cutting taxes for the middle class, investing in education, protecting equal pay, and making sure that your healthcare is there for you when you need it. I would pay for my plan by asking people like me to go back to the same tax rates we paid during the Clinton years.

    So that’s the choice we face as a country. And even though we’re dealing with some big challenges right now, I’ve never been more confident that the ability to solve our problems is entirely within our grasp. If we choose the right path, I am absolutely confident we’re going to restore the sense of economic security that ought to be at the center of American life. We’ll create an economy that works for everybody. We’ll open new doors of opportunity for our daughters, as well as our sons. We’ll build our middle class, we’ll grow this economy not from the top down, but from the middle out, and from the bottom up. And that’s not just good for women, that’s good for all of us. So, thank you so much for the opportunity, we appreciate you, Michelle says hi, the girls say hi, Bo does too. I hope guys have a wonderful conference.