1. About Rookie Mommy Ramblings

    I love being a mom. As I enter the third decade of my life, still getting to know myself and constantly struggling evolving to become a better version of me, being a mom defines me more than any other title. At the very core of everything I do and think, there is this little person pulling my heart strings in every direction. He doesn’t know how much I love him, just that I do. I am his favorite person and he is mine. He needs me just as much as I need him. My son. My Rock. 

    After four years of honeymooning, my husband and I welcomed a baby boy into our lives. He was and is perfect. Before my pregnancy, pregnancy and childbirth were already interesting topics. However, I was never in a rush to experience it. As a woman, it was a topic I related to and reality I was surrounded by. My husband knew his way around Babies ‘R Us before we even conceived! Monthly baby showers and newborn visits really set the tone for entering this chapter in our lives! But as all parents know, nothing prepares you for what the future has in store quite like going through it. You’re a rookie. 

    Rookie Mommy Ramblings is my way of sharing my world, interests and finds with other rookie moms out there, with a focus on Miami - a city I proudly call home.  

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