1. My chatterbox son. 90 words @ 23 months.

    Late night mommy research time: According to this chart my 23-month old son should be at 40-50 words. Today we figured out he says over 90 words regularly! (We made a list!) Of course, he’s a chatterbox! He’s MY son!  

    Most of his words are in Spanish because my husband and I decided it would be good for him to learn Spanish first since he’ll pick up English the first week of school. My son also doesn’t watch ANY TV except when I sit down to to watch 15-30 minutes of Dr. Seuss, Elmo or Mickey (which I’m selling him because we’re going to Disney next month and I want him to be excited about Mickey Mouse.) We read to him nightly, he looooves his books and pointing at pictures and telling me what they are. He even says “Yay!!” and claps for himself whenever he does something “right.” Self motivated like his mama, too! 

    I’m proud of my little man and I’m enjoying watching him grow and learn. He’s a sweetheart. So in love.

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