1. Redesigning my son’s room… because I don’t have enough to do.

    I recently received a great hand me down gift from my mom’s friend. A beautiful lighthouse floor lamp that just made me melt. I loved it for my boy’s room. Except we had a different theme that wouldn’t match it all. (It’s ok, we can change out the theme because mama’s got so much time on her hands nowadays. Yeah right.)

    I couldn’t help it, it was just gorgeous. Along with the lamp, we were given some adorable nautical themed towel hooks which were perfect as well. 

    Now what do I do with the Lambs and Ivy Organic Rock & Roll theme I so loved for my precious boy? (I donated it all to Lotus House.)

    Here’s the commercial shot of the not-so-current theme:

    And what it really looked like:

    Since our move a year ago, his room looks different but this is the most recent picture I have of his nursery bedding. (I’m looking at these pictures taken during my nesting craze and I’m in just in disbelief at how fast time flies!) 

    I LOVE this theme but I was ready for something different that allowed for more variety in our color palette. The chocolate brown and blues were cute and sweet for a newborn but I’m ready to throw in some greens and reds! I love color! I’m looking forward to turning my baby’s room into a little sailor’s dream room with the functionality of a play room as well complete with his first big boy bed! I found the Ahoy Matey Bedding by Nojo which is so cute, colorful and whimsical! It pairs up nicely to our new floor lamp as well. 

    My son is obsessed with fish, dolphins and whales. At only 23 months old, he knows the difference between them all. The bedsheets are his favorite although I wish they were organic cotton like his previous bedding. 


    I’m excited to begin on this project! So far, I have these fabulous blocks I bought on Etsy.com by Personalized Blocks. They have a lot of different themes and the quality is excellent.

    I am drawing inspiration on-line but I want to keep it simple and happy. 

    I will post the finished product at some point in 2012. ;) But I have a good head start already with the bedding, blocks and lamp.

    What’s your favorite nursery theme?