1. Back up Rocko Rocket on Kickstarter! Only 11 days to go!

    I’m in love with this project! Seeking everyone and anyone with a soft spot for helping dreams come true to back this brilliant children’s book titled Rocko Rocket: Rocko’s Big Launch on Kickstarter! I can’t wait to have the first copy for my son, Rock! (What a perfect title!) Read below and watch the video here to learn more about this adorable children’s book that will hopefully not only launch Rocko but kickstart the series! 

    Even if you donate $5, $10 or $20, I am sure it will be greatly appreciated! But even more so, spread the word as well. After all, we’re all in this together! 

    From Rocko Rocket’s Kickstarter Page:

    We are seeking your support to “kickstart our Rocko Rocket project. After many years, we decided to go forward with our dream of publishing a children’s book series that kids and adults will love reading.  We think our character is inspiring, lovable, and unique. We have worked hard to prepare this project for success, and we hope we can count on your support. It costs ninety dollars to print one hard cover Rocko Rocket book.  In order to bring the cost down, we need to print 1,000 books or more. We need a minimum investment of $10,000 to self-publish 1,000 books. Please support and “kickstart” our vision. 

    Rocko Rocket Book One

    Rocko’s Big Launch

    Rocko must launch his first rocket if he is to become a rocket scientist. He dreams of building a rocket and going to outer space. Rocko has a big imagination, but he  learns he will have to persevere to make his dreams come true.

    Rocko’s Audience

    This book promotes science, space exploration and a love of reading and learning. Rocko Rocket encourages children in grades 1st -3rd to have faith in what they imagine for themselves and to never give up. It’s for parents, teachers, and adults who want to inspire the children in their lives to reach for the stars.

    Everyone loves Rocko…

    Through a book series and free on-line supplements for fans, parents, and teachers, Rocko will capture hearts and minds. Rocko’s Big Launchintroduces readers into the world of a unique and unforgettable character. Rocko’s love for rockets and his endearing message attracts diverse audiences.


    Our printing budget is $10,000.

    If we exceed our goal by $15,000 we will use those funds to begin production on the second Rocko Rocket book and develop a website for Rocko Rocket. We wil use the remaining funds to engineer the Rocko Rocket theme song and send it out to all of our backers as an unexpected gift.