1. Support Born This Way Foundation with Your Back To School Purchases at Office Depot

    Last night I watched Oprah’s Lady Gaga interview I had been looking forward to watching, you can view the full interview here. I woke up thinking of how touching her insights were and especially moved by the footage of her tribute to 14-year-old Jamey Rodemeyer, a bullying victim who took his life, hanging himself from the same swing set his parents built when he was 3. I couldn’t help but think about how tragic this must’ve been for his parents, a deep sorrow they will never forget. In the wake of their loss, the Rodemeyers hope to carry on a message of anti-bullying and acceptance. 

    Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation is doing amazing things to create anti-bullying awareness and empower children with the freedom to be themselves. Their Back-to-School Campaign with Office Depot aims to be a tool to promote this culture. 

    Twenty five percent of the sales will go to the Born This Way Foundation, and Office Depot has committed to a guaranteed $1 million donation this year!

    So if you are a student, parent, or teacher who wants to make sure young people grow up feeling confident about their individuality, click here to check out and share the pictures of their empowerment Gift Cards, “Kindness Sticks” Post-It® Notes, limited-edition Sharpie® pens, and “Bravery Bracelets.” The entire line is positive and promotes empowerment and kindness - definitely has my backing!

    As a parent, I feel that talking to your child about bullying is key - both to prevent them from bullying and to speak up when they fall victim to harassment. Having a serious conversation about bullying is and should always be on the back-to-school “To-Do” list. 

    Gay bullying has been gaining increasing attention in the media, as a number of tragedies has brought the issue into the spotlight. In September 2011, California State Senate passed “Seth’s Law" a measure designed to curb anti-gay bullying in schools.

    For more information on how to prevent bullying in the U.S. or if you’re a victim of bullying, call 1-800-273-8255 for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline or visit stopbullying.gov.

    (Source: tumblr.bornthiswayfoundation.org)

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