1. My then 22 month old son, Rock, demanding his “musica, musica” the minute I got into the car. His mood quickly goes from temper tantrum to pure elation once the music (or musica in Spanish) …but then mom psychs him out and the tears ensue. Hilarious! 

    He loves his music, especially classical and identifies instruments like violin, piano, saxophone, drums! It’s genetic!

  2. This is too cute! What’s on your toddler’s brain?
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    This is too cute! What’s on your toddler’s brain?

  3. Mommy Deal Alert: Totsy.com

    I love a good bargain and dressing my baby boy in cool threads without feeling like I’ve been robbed!

    The deals change every few days and I have yet to ever find a lower price anywhere for any totsy.com finds. (Trust me, I even look on eBay and Amazon first.)

    Here’s what I just bought my baby boy, had to share! Random I know but I’ve been wanting to buy him a new belt, toy piano and rain coat. Trust me, I had to resist giving in to more cuteness! 

    Belt from Hero Huggers / $19.99 on their site but $8.75 on Totsy.com!

    Baby Blue Grand Piano / $82.50, regular price $149.50, $99.95 on Amazon.com.

    Kidorable Pirate Rain Coat / $24.75 from $39.99